Welcome to the People Team

We are thrilled to introduce you to a significant change within Stiltz: the evolution from the HR team to the People Team. This change aligns with who we are as a company, and how we support and empower our people.

As we embark on this journey, we want to take a moment to explain why this change is so much more than just a name change and what it means for the company and our people.

We’re passionate about our people and ensuring their journey with us is positive and fulfilling from day one. Each and every one of them contributes their unique skills, perspectives, and passions to our collective success.

We always aim to put people at the forefront of everything we do. Our focus extends beyond policies and procedures to encompass the wellbeing, growth, and development of every individual within Stiltz.

What does the People Team stand for here at Stiltz?

Culture: Take an inside look at what it’s like to be a part of the Stiltz team. From team events and celebrations to our NICE core values, we’ll show you why our culture sets us apart.

Career Opportunities: Explore the range of career paths available at Stiltz. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career, we offer opportunities for growth, development, and making a meaningful impact. Our current vacancies can be found on our Vacancies page (www.stiltzpeople.com/vacancies).

Benefits: Find out about the comprehensive benefits we offer to support the wellbeing of our employees. From our Employee Assistance Program to our Health Cashback Plan, we’re dedicated to helping you thrive both personally and professionally.

Our Vision

Stiltz People Team Vision

Meet The Team

Tara Lochery

Tara Lochery (Group People Director) – Tara oversees all aspects of the Stiltz People function for the UK and USA. Her role encompasses strategic planning, cultivating a positive workplace culture, and implementation of initiatives related to Stiltz People including wellbeing and development opportunities.  

What excites Tara about working in HR?

“Giving people opportunities and seeing them grow and develop is something that is very exciting to me. I also like supporting people through difficult times and being an example of how organisations should treat their employees.” 

Matt Lucas (People Advisor) – Matt serves as a key point of contact for managers and employees regarding various People related matters. His role involves providing guidance, support, and assistance on a range of issues, as well as dealing with Employee Relations matters and day-to-day queries.

What excites Matt about working in HR?

“Being able to build relationships with all levels of employees, giving advice, support, and guidance, which can be very fulfilling. I also enjoy the variety in the role, with different responsibilities and challenges to face every day. This helps me to continuously broaden my knowledge and skill set.”

Matt Lucas
Kate Stevens

Kate Stevens (People Officer) – Kate’s role ranges from the development of employee relations to keeping her eye on the continuous evolvement of law, trends and technologies, whilst facilitating the implementation of policy and people projects.

What excites Kate about working in HR?

“I enjoy the direct impact my role has on people’s lives, seeing people’s successes within the company whilst also having the opportunity to contribute to shaping a positive work culture, which I find is incredibly rewarding.”

Lisa Osborne (Talent Acquisition Manager) – Attracting talent to the Stiltz team! Managing all of the company’s recruitment needs for every open position, no matter what the function, or level. Sourcing candidates, engaging and connecting with people, identifying not only the right skills but also finding people who resonate with Stiltz values.

What excites Lisa about working in HR?

“I love feeling part of the business, building relationships with hiring managers and improving the candidate experience, seeing the people we recruit come in and thrive. The fact that I’m part of a great team, with everyone working together to deliver the people strategy and vision.  We’re a collaborative bunch and the People Team is always looking to improve ways of working or developing new or existing processes. It’s exciting to be part of such a great culture.”

Lisa Osborne

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