Celebrating National Older Workers Week 20-24 November 2023

As a multi-generational employer Stiltz Homelifts is keen to acknowledge Older Workers Week. While of course we remain grateful to those in our teams who are thinking about retiring in the coming year, we’d like to shift our spotlight onto all the older workers who will continue in employment, or who are even considering returning to work.

Silver Tsunami
Are you tempted to dip your toe back into the world of work? If so, you’re not alone. There has been a sizeable uptick in older people re-entering employment for a variety of reasons. 

The pandemic changed a lot about the workplace environment, one of which was the over 50s choosing not to return to work at all, never mind returning to the office. Official figures from the government are quite startling showing how the 50 to 64 age group accounts for over 68% of the rise in economic inactivity. However, times are quickly changing. With job vacancies recently reaching an all-time high it’s the older age group who are in demand and re-entering the workplace in force.

But why would you want to return to work, especially if you’ve taken early retirement? The primary reason would be to provide extra income. The cost of living has dramatically soared over the last couple of years meaning money isn’t stretching as far as it did. By continuing to earn, it’s possible to bolster savings and potentially delay drawing down retirement funds. 

Well-being Bonus
Another compelling reason is the impact on mental health. Work often provides a sense of purpose and routine, both proven to contribute to a healthier mindset. Retirement can hold such promise but the grass is not necessarily greener. Many retirees miss their previous social interactions and camaraderie. Another important bonus is how the mental stimulation provided by work can help stave off cognitive decline.

Just the Job
So how do you go about returning to employment? Start by talking to colleagues you used to work with, they might know of suitable opportunities. Another obvious starting point would be looking for roles similar to the one you retired from. However, if you were working at a very senior level you understandably may not wish to once again take on all the responsibility of that role. A consultancy position could be a good option; your skills and executive overview could prove valuable to a company looking for strategic advice.

Your CV will almost certainly require a quick refresh and if you’re struggling with this, a quick Google search will result in a list of professional CV writers near you who will be able to help. You’ll obviously have to pay for their time, but the result will be a CV designed to get you back into the working groove.

Face to Face with Customers
If you would prefer a job which gives you daily interaction with customers, popular retail outlets which celebrate an older workforce include high street names Boots, Sainsburys and B&Q. If you’re still undecided, a great resource for anyone with questions or needing facts and information about returning to work is Age UK.  Their website has a section which specifically covers this topic  and is full of hints and ideas.

An Uplifting Life
The feeling of empowerment which work can offer is something we at Stiltz Homelifts understand and empathise with. We see how every day our homelifts empower people to live their best lives, as independently as possible and stay in the home they love. A Stiltz Homelift can restore confidence and self-belief which are essential attributes not only in the world of work but within our own personal living space too.

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