Visions and Values

Our twenty-first century ‘let’s get on and get it done right’ approach plus our Australian heritage, gives the business what we feel is a healthy work-life balance.

Our twenty-first century ‘let’s get on and get it done right’ approach plus our Australian heritage, gives the business what we feel is a healthy work-life balance.

Be Nice and Make it Easy

Put simply, we like to Be Nice and Make it Easy. It’s about how we behave toward each other, making things as simple as possible for our colleagues as well as for our customers. Of course, it’s a work in progress, but we continue to make strides to embed this philosophy across the whole business.

A True Sense of Community

We want everyone to embody the culture of niceness and behave with integrity. We’re keen to encourage a sense of community, both within the company and wider, giving back where we can across the areas we live and work in.

Because we like acronyms, we’ve made our rock-solid NICE core values into one – of course. If you remember nothing else, remember to Be Nice.

We ask our people to empathise. With each other, because worrying things may be happening in a colleague’s personal life … or they might just be having a bad day. Treat them with kindness and give them space if they need it.

And remember to also empathise with our customers. They need our products to help them live full and independent lives and it is likely they will find the build and installation process stressful. Be kind and be patient.

SMACKing our Staff!

Yes, you read that right, Stiltz SMACK their employees. Not literally of course!
This is yet another one of our famed acronyms…

Can you guess what it stands for?

    • Safe
    • Motivated
    • Appreciated
    • Challenged
    • Knowledgeable

Our CEO, Mike talks about SMACK at length in each Triannual Team Talk. He reinforces each of these important areas of our internal culture when he presents the business updates to colleagues in their local offices.


SAFE and SECURE: It’s vital everyone in the business, especially those in the field who work in customers’ homes, put Health & Safety front and centre of all they do. Keeping themselves, each other, and our customers out of danger at all times.


MOTIVATED: While we don’t expect you to leap out of bed and do star-jumps at the thought of coming to work at Stiltz, we do want you to be sufficiently motivated to enjoy your working life and feel you can contribute fully to your team.


APPRECIATED: Feeling appreciated in our role is important. Little touches such as a manager saying ‘well done’ are important, but so are larger rewards such as profit-related bonuses and employee benefits. We try to get the balance right for you and for us.


CHALLENGED: Being challenged in our job helps us grow and develop. We want to apply enough pressure, so our teams feel their working at an optimum level but without experiencing undue levels of stress. Again, it’s achieving the right balance that’s important.


KNOWLEDGABLE: Stiltz has grown quickly so we’ve been running to catch up with that growth, putting systems, processes, and people in place. Now training and development programmes are being rolled out to get the best out of the people we’ve carefully chosen.

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