Movember x Stiltz

Last month, Stiltz took part in the Movember Mo-vement. We are all about supporting good causes and Movember covers a big one, men’s health. On average, men will die 4 years earlier than women and the reasons for this are largely preventable.

The big 4:

  • Suicide
  • Mental health
  • Testicular cancer
  • Prostate cancer

These are the key issues Movember aims to address. So far, over 1,320 men’s health projects have been funded globally by the charity. From helping with treatment and research to spreading awareness and creating support groups, there are many ways the money raised by taking part in activities can be used.

Speaking of activities… the challenges:

Grow a Mo

Real Mos

The main challenge, and where the campaign famously gets its name from, was to grow a moustache within the four weeks of November. This is also a physical symbol for the good Movember does as we literally change the face of men’s health. Nothing before counted, so all participants had to be clean-shaven before day one. Taking part for Stiltz were Peter Davies, Matt Lucas, Darren Meeson, Darryl Cope, Gino Farruggio and Dan Fenby.

At the end of the month we asked everyone to vote for their favourite, and a clear winner was announced … Gino Farruggio (pictured left) with his charming chevron moustache!




Fake Mos

There was also a separate competition just for Directors. While they may not have grown their own mos, the marketing team had plenty of fun with Photoshop imagining what they could look like. Admittedly, the results were a little over the top, but it was all in the spirit of the challenge and certainly got some heads turning.

It was Mo-Founder of Stiltz, Lachlan Faulkner (pictured right), who was crowned with the trendiest ‘tache. With that walrus-style moustache, it couldn’t have gone any other way.



60 for 60 challenge

To encourage those without moustache-growing capabilities to get involved, we also held the 60 for 60 challenge. Whether you walked, ran or cycled, the goal was to reach a total distance of 60km by the end of the month. The number 60 is significant due to the 60 men who lose their lives to suicide every 60 minutes. It was great to see so many people get involved with this cause and there was certainly some friendly competition as the leaderboard was frequently updated and shared around.

Smashing the original goal and crowned most active was Andy Downing who totaled an impressive 690km by running and cycling.

Another great achievement was how Hannah Burgess raised £255 and won the award for the highest individual donation.

In the end, it was the team effort that made a big difference as we raised $355 and £515 between the US and UK locations. Our contributions didn’t go unnoticed as we had several messages on our socials from the official Movember account cheering us on.

Well done to everyone who took part and here’s to repeating our efforts in 2024!


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