Stiltz Homelifts joins Movember 2023

In the spirit of giving back and raising awareness for men’s health, the team at Stiltz are proudly participating in this year’s Movember campaign.

Movember is a global initiative which is, quite literally, aiming to change the face of men’s health by encouraging open and honest conversations. They tackle some of the most complex health issues facing men today – including mental health, suicide, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.

The Stiltz team are participating in two unique challenges, the Grow a Mo and the 60 for 60 challenge.

The Grow a Mo challenge is a fun and iconic way to engage in the Movember campaign. Stiltz team members are putting their razors aside to grow moustaches throughout November. Even if it’s not a show-stopper style like a Tom Sellek ‘stache, growing a Mo is all about sparking conversations about men’s health.

The 60 for 60 challenge has the Stiltz team lacing up their trainers, intending to walk, cycle or run 60km across November. But why is it 60km? It’s for the 60 men lost to suicide each hour, every hour, across the world. Not only does this challenge get the ball rolling on important conversations, but it also gets those participating out and about exercising, which is a vital component of overall well-being.

The Movember campaign empowers men to prioritize their physical and mental health, by removing the stigma of these topics to encourage early detection and preventative measures. By participating in these challenges, Stiltz Homelifts is actively contributing to this noble cause, raising awareness and making a positive impact towards men’s lives.

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