Stiltz is pausing for a cuppa this Brew Monday

We’re committed to looking after the well-being of our employees and are passionate about creating an environment where everyone feels valued, supported, and listened to. We show this by taking part in key events such as last year’s International Week of Happiness at Work where we showed our appreciation for each other by celebrating achievements big and small. This time, we are taking part in an initiative to get everyone talking on the 15th of January.

What is Brew Monday?

You may be more familiar with this day’s old name, Blue Monday, which marks the third Monday of January as the most difficult day of the year, as we all trudge back to work following the holidays and the days are still short and cold. Stiltz wholeheartedly agrees with the Samaritans, the charity which coined the day’s new name of Brew Monday, that ‘we all have our good days and our bad days, and those aren’t for the calendar to decide.’ Getting away from the negative stigma of this day being ‘bad’, Brew Monday is a reminder to check in on each other and have a chat.

What better way to do so than over a cuppa? Whatever you choose to drink; be it tea, coffee, juice, or water, as long as you’re having a drink and a catch-up, you’re doing it right.

Mugs at the ready guys!

We want everyone at Stiltz to get involved, whether they’re based in the office or work on-site in customers’ homes. They’ll have an opportunity to put some time aside for a drink, to dunk a few biscuits, and to check in with colleagues. We are sending out a little care package containing a tea bag and biscuits to our field teams too.

For advice on how to get a conversation started or to learn more about the event, read the official Brew Monday page here.

Cheers everyone!



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