Looking back at the Southern Tri Annual Team Talk

Every year, the Stiltz teams take part in Tri-Annual Team Talks. These talks cover all things business updates, learning, development and celebrating successes.

The latest team talk took place in November at the beautiful Warbrook House Hotel on the Hampshire/Berkshire border. The day was set to be action-packed with several activities and presentations following the morning presentation.

The first talk was from Stiltz CEO Mike Lord, where he updated the team on the business’s progress and future goals for Stiltz. There was plenty of news to share such as the launch of the new and exciting Trio Classic L Homelift, a look at our China offices and how our TV advertising has developed both in the States and the UK.

Also mentioned were the wellbeing committee and health resources, which are readily available to all employees seeking advice or support. As well as providing reassurance, Mike also took the opportunity to encourage Stiltz members to take part and put forward charity sponsorships to help the wider community. Speaking of which, being November, there was also a friendly reminder to take part in the Movember challenge and support men’s mental and physical health.

Shortly afterwards, the teams attended a dementia awareness course run by the amazing Dementia UK charity. The session was informative on spotting the early signs and how best to communicate with customers and colleagues if symptoms appear.

Following a spot of lunch, our field teams came together to compete in a fun game of Bullseye with a Stiltz Homelift twist. They got into teams and took turns answering questions from health and safety to product knowledge and tried to score the most points on the darts board. After several rounds, it was ‘Team One’ (original, we know) that won the coveted prize, a tankard, and vouchers.

What a day!

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